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BED New York Restaurant: spectacular place for romantic evening

Bed New York RestaurantA truly unusual experience from eating in bed will be provided to you in a new unusual restaurant in one of the biggest and also spectacular cities in the world, New York. If you are the lover to sleep a little more, and it is a normal form for you to eat your breakfast in bed, then you would be just happy to attend this great restaurant in New York, named in a very straight-forward way, BED New York.


Unusual experience and total comfort

This great restaurant will also be a fantastic place for people who want to experience something unusual and relaxing at the same. Unusual restaurants are most often the ones that will include some extreme, and will make your heart bounce like mad, but it is not the case with this great restaurant!

One dining place doesn’t include any tables or chairs, instead you will be brought to a big bed, that will be spacious enough for you and your beloved one to fit fully, stretching your legs. You may choose any position you would like and turn small personal fans on, if it gets too hot. You may enjoy your light salads lying side by side and enjoying the great view, you may also choose to stay in front of each other, lying on the sides, and be able to see one another perfectly. The dishes are brought and placed at the middle of the couch, where there is a small hard cover, though, don’t worry, this small cover can be moved to any place you would like, you can also get rid of it and sit on the couching, having the plate in one hand and feeding your partner with Salmon and scallop ossobuco, Caribbean lobster tail or other seafood meals.

Bed New York Restaurant

Perfect place for romantic supper

Did we mention the great view? Impressions from the Bed New York restaurant will be as remarkable as your visit to At.mosphere Restaurant in OAE or fantastic “Dinner in the Sky” in Belgium. The Bed New York restaurant is not just an unusual place and provider of an unusual dining experience, it is a spectacular place with simply amazing views. You will be placed in a bed on the upstairs rooftop terrace bar, so that you would be able to enjoy fantastic sites. Moreover, everything will be finished with nice romantic music, candles, which will be also main sources of light during your dinner, and very careful as well as responsive service, that will make it best not to disturb your small romance. 

As you can see, this place is a very romantic and feelings oriented, therefore it is not a good place for some very loud parties, although, the restaurant has tables, excuse me, beds for 8 people and more, and is not the best place for a business talk. The Bed New York restaurant is perfect for romantic date as well as Sense on the Edge Restaurant in the Middle East or hidden in a cave italian Grotta Palazzese Restaurant.

However, your date, partner, beloved one or spouse will be as happy as ever, if you will bring him or her to such a place on a special day.

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