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Hidden in a cave Grotta Palazzese Restaurant

Grotta Palazzese RestaurantIn the southern Italian province of Polignano Mare one can find quite a charming restaurant that serves great food and has a very attractive creative feature. This feature distinguishes it from the other restaurants because there are no walls in this dining place, as they are successfully replaced by the cave vaults. In the rest this restaurant located in a cave (the level of service, the quality of the food and other) is not inferior to other similar institutions and therefore earns for itself the title of one of the most unusual world class restaurants.


Romantic place in a limestone cave

There are many great dinning places for a romantic supper like spectacular BED New York Restaurant or incredibly Sense on the Edge Restaurant in the Middle East. But Grotta Palazzese Restaurant is probably the most unusual place to visit with your beloved one.

The restaurant is placed in a cave at the height of 25 meters above the sea level and is part of the Hotel Grotta Palazzese, located above. After working up an appetite while hiking and finding their way in the narrow streets of the medieval city, oddly sprawling on the rocks, the tourists and other guests can always rest and gain strength in the cave restaurant.

This is a wonderful restaurant that takes the space in a limestone cave formed hundreds of years ago and located directly at the water's edge. The charming view over the endless sea is perfectly viewed from the dimly-lit tables that stay along the edge of cave. No direct sunlights can reach inside the cave so that don't plan to use your portable solar charger or any other solar powered devices here. But in all others considerations the Grotta Palazzese Restaurant is a perfect place for rest. Visitors during their meal can watch as the waves are breaking on the rocks right under their feet. And for a particularly romantic place the owners of the restaurant offer a special table at the edge of the cave with a fantastic view to the vast ocean. So you will be able to enjoy almost as beautiful sealife as in famous underwater Restaurant Itha in the Hilton Hotel on Maldives Islands.

Grotta Palazzese Restaurant

World-class service and majestic underwater world

Though, for those who are a little afraid of heights and do not want to sit too close the cliff end, the stunning views of the Adriatic Sea are still possible in this great place, as the great view opens up from every table! Be sure to sense a warm breeze in this world-class restaurant and feel yourself closer to the wild nature.

Unusual restaurant with delicious meals

Interior and vast panorama create a perfect ambience for unforgettable late night romantic dinner. As the restaurant Grotta Palazzese has a direct relationship to the sea, and serves meals in the corresponding manner. Visitors have the opportunity to try the Thai calamari and prawns with garlic from Fiano di Avellino, at a cost of more than $ 100 per dish. The prices are quite high, though we would say that it is fairly justifiable for such a service and quality, moreover, such an evening is worth the money you will spend. If you look for dinner places with more friendly prices, interesting meals you can find in situated in China Restaurant Tim Ho Wan or A380 Summer Kitchen.

If visitors of Grotta Palazzese Restaurant want to work up an appetite before the meal, they can take a walk through the narrow streets of the medieval city with unusual white buildings, built on the cliffs with natural caves. Interestingly, the local nobility organized banquets in the cave back in the 1700s. The restaurant is open from May to October, as this time is best suited for serving customers and offering the best dining experience ever.

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