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Fantastic пїЅDinner in the SkyпїЅ Restaurant

Dinner in the skyIf you ever wanted to have an extraordinary experience from a dinner-time with your beloved one, then you would for sure enjoy a great evening in the restaurant called in a very interesting and at the same time truthful manner “Dinner in the Sky”. This amazing restaurant is located in Brussels and will take you up at about 50 meter above the ground on the specially made platform that can accommodate around 22 people at the same time, not counting three cook-chefs, waiters and the other entertainments persons.


The most unusual dinner you have ever had

The main idea of this restaurant “Dinner in the Sky” is to add a bit of sharpness and exclusiveness into the usual measured life of business people, gourmets and also other visitors who decided to add something highly spicy into their dinner. Whole company together with a table, a canopy, lights, seats with seat belts is delivered by the "sky" crane. The total weight of the restaurant is about 2.2 tons.

Though, you should not be afraid, this is not just another unusual dining place that will allow you to enjoy great cooking, spectacular entertainment program and also see the whole city under your feet, but it also perfectly safe. The security is provided by the especially designed chairs that may be similar to the seat in a great sports car, and are than buckled up with four seat belts. So the dinner in in this amazing restaurant will be as safe as time, spent in At.mosphere Restaurant in OAE or evening in BED New York Restaurant.

Dinner in the skyFamiliar fare with unfamiliar taste

Another specialty of this sky restaurant is also the food itself which accompanied with Premiums Wines and Champagneis. We all have heard that while on plane the food tastes different, and it appears that it is also true for the height. Therefore if also want to have some new experience from the usual Spaghetti Bolognese you are also welcomed here, as for sure feeling no earth under your feet, no pasta will taste as usual. You can also choose one of 5 courses gastronomical menus, created by the Chef, for the price 285 euros/person. All meals high in the sky will seem you not less tasty than the most delicious food in Grotta Palazzese Restaurant in Spain or Ninja Akasaka Restaurant in Tokyo.

Extraordinary way to enjoy your meals

“The Fun Group”, the idea creators of this great restaurant, who specialize in organizing a special entertainment program for you in the “Diner in the Sky” restaurant can arrange not just a dinner for you and your precious person, but also a business meeting, a concert, also a modern fashion show, and New Year's Eve premiere wedding and even at the height of fifty meters. And all this will be in the sky above Barcelona, Paris, London or Sydney on the special air platform specifically designed for the twenty or thirty persons for the time of eight hours. Air platform for the Dinner in the Sky restaurant was made in Belgium, and it has all the necessary certificates of quality and meets the most exacting international safety standards. Therefore it is an unusual and extraordinary way to enjoy the meal and also sightsee the city under your feet. And don't forget to take Your camera and portable photo printer: many majestic pictures will become a free bonus to your tasty meals. Similar impressions you will have while visiting unusual rotating “Perlan” Restaurant in a glass dome, which is situated in Iceland.

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