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Kinderkookkafe in Amsterdam: food, cooked by children

Kinderkookkafe in AmsterdamAny parent at least sometimes secretly wants to teach his disobedient and wayward child some manners, and show him that it's not easy to live in the adult world, and perform all the duties of an adult. We are willing to do anything to have our child start to respect the grown-ups need for sleep and rest, and respect the earned money. The people of the Netherlands now have such an opportunity.


Unique place with the children-staff to serve all guests

Some dining places like Moto Restaurant in USA or Nyotaimori Cannibalistic Restaurant in Japan, can surprise you with really unusual meals. In Kinderkookkafe you will be able to taste only traditional Dutch cuisine, but this place will astonish you not less than other unusual restaurants.

In Amsterdam, the city of the Red Light District, legalized drugs and euthanasia, there has opened yet another interesting place, where tired of the whims of children, parents can relax and take their rest. This place is called Kinderkookkafe. It is situated at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal, in the oldest area of Amsterdam. A distinctive feature of this cafe is that the whole staff is presented entirely of children under the age of 12. We must admit that this is an unusual sight, but also very touching.

Even though it is still a mystery how such a place as Kinderkookkafe was allowed by the local authorities, but the place is fully legal and operates like a normal business entity. Even though child labor is illegal, it is also prohibited by the Geneva Convention on Human Rights, though the restaurant is still there, and the children-staff continues to serve the guests. In this institution you are served by kids.

  • A touching kid-waiter will take your orde.
  • Your drinks will be prepared by the little bartender.
  • Cute and also funny in its severity restaurant’s metre will listen to your complaints and take steps to eliminate the place’s disadvantages that you have specified.

Kinderkookkafe in Amsterdam

High-level service from kids

In this unusual restaurant, you can be a moody visitor, a bully, and a gourmet. Anyway you will always be politely served on the highest possible level. Service in Kinderkookkafe is as perfect as in Underwater Restaurant Itha in the Hilton Hotel on Maldives Islands or in famous italian Grotta Palazzese Restaurant. You will not even believe that young children can be so serious and responsible. But the parents of these kids say that after their children began an apprenticeship at Kinderkookkafe, they became more responsible and obedient. So, the work in this unusual cafe can easily enter in a list of ways for juvenile delinquents. After all, no wonder that people say that work ennobles the man.

Great chance to taste traditional Dutch cuisine

In the Kinderkookkafe menu you will find traditional Dutch cuisine. Be ready to find something like hutspot (beef stew with vegetables) and stampot (mashed potatoes with smoked sausage and bacon). And you can try here Groninger mustard soup and taste thousand other dishes with diverse species of asparagus. Ham and cheese croissants, open face sandwiches, and pizza are also in menu. And, of course, you cannot ignore the special branded Dutch special spicy pickled herring. And if you get into this fancy restaurant on a Sunday, you can enjoy a traditional English tea party, which will be arranged for you by kids. So don't forget to take your camera and portable photo printer: here you can make very beautiful and touching pictures.

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