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Ninja Akasaka Restaurant in Tokyo: unique entourage and magnificent cuisine

Ninja Akasaka Restaurant in TokyoTo attract a large number of customers to their cafes and restaurants, the owners often come up with various promotional moves and original services as well as themes around which the whole restaurant will be based. Therefore, the most popular restaurants in the world are famous because of their ‘theme’, and not really about the food, which, however, is often also quite fantastic and delicious. One example of such a great place is Ninja Restaurant located in Tokyo, in Akasaka Tokyo Plaza.


Mysterious atmosphere of Ninja Restaurant 

As the name implies, the theme of this very creative and unusual restaurant is based on the sacrament of the legendary Japanese warriors, and its decoration and interior can truly make you wonder that you are now in the secret training place of ninjas where there are tables made in the style of the ancient secret ninja shelters. But do not think that the interior decorations is the only thing that this restaurant can offer in terms of ninja-theme, no, there is a lot more to it!

The mysterious atmosphere of the restaurant envelops you even right at the entrance as well as if you visit peculiar Vampire Restaurant in Tokyo. The very unusual and somewhat trembling feelings will follow you even when you are greeted by the waiter and lead to your place. Though, it is just the beginning as visitors will experience a variety of unusual sensations during the evening in this restaurant.


Favourite place for tourists and local bohemians

It is not soo easy to place an order in Ninja Akasaka Restaurant as in traditional dining places like spanish Restaurant Botin or chinese Restaurant Tim Ho Wan. There is quite a curious system in Ninja Restaurant as the waiter will come to you only if you will sit back and press a special button under the table. He will bring a menu written on old parchment and will wait until you are ready to make an order. Set course dinners are especially good. During the dinner, the other restaurant staff, also dressed as a ninja, will entertain guests with various shows, tricks and stunts.

At the end of the meal guests are escorted to the exit, where they are awarded a special invitation to come back to this great Ninja restaurant once again. And people are ready to come back to this place, as among the guests one will see not only the tourists but also local people - the most colorful institution in Tokyo attracts artists, businesses, local bohemians, fans of Japanese legends, history, culture and martial arts. So if you are chanced to visit Japan you should include Ninja restaurant in the list of must-visit places together with cosy Calico Cat Café and astounding Nyotaimori Cannibalistic Restaurant.

Delicious meals and unforgettable show

It's fair to say that the food in the restaurant is on the same height as its entourage. Meals can be called magnificent not only for their original names and fancy design, but also an unusual harmony of taste.  You will have a chance to taste star grissini, turban shell bombs a la escargot and a special stone-boiled soup. The money spent for dinner in Ninja restaurant will usually be 1.5-2 times higher than for the evening in the other Tokyo restaurant, but the show and atmosphere is truly worth these money.

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