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Ator Restaurant: natural elegance and quiet atmosphere

Ator RestaurantRight now we are going to visit the country, that would never think of to have one of the world’s most creative restaurants in the world, and it is called Ator restaurant that is located in Tehran, the capital of Iran. This restaurant is also usually called as a 52 square feet of creative space.


The simpliest furniture you have ever seen

This new restaurant, established in Tehran (Iran), was fully developed by the Iranian architectural design studio Expose Architecture. This place is quite different from traditional restaurants with expensive furniture  and classic interior like Underwater Restaurant Itha in the Hilton Hotel on Maldives Islands or luxurious At.mosphere Restaurant in OAE. Almost all the furnishing items, including the tables, seats and other decor details in Ator Restaurant were made from the most simple pine boardsNeither the tables nor the chairs have any legs or additional accessories. But do not be mistaken, as this quit harsh and maybe somewhat heavy and aggressive style doesn’t mean that the seating is not comfortable. Visitors enjoy spending time in this creative place, as the whole interior and character of the surrounding things involve you into this mystique atmosphere of something bigger than just a dinner.

According to the authors of the project, from the very beginning they were offered a list of wishes of the owner of the future dining institution. One of his points that he wished to see in his future restaurant was the “simple and quick to clean tables (especially the upper surface of the table and also including the space and the floor under that table). Therefore the tables and chairs, or it is maybe more appropriate to say – benches, do not have legs, as they are mounted directly to the wall.

Ator Restaurant

Calm and quiet restaurant without windows

Another interesting fact about this restaurant is the lack of windows. In Ator Restaurant you will not be able to enjoy beautiful views outside like in rotating “Perlan” Restaurant in Iceland or in fantastic “Dinner in the Sky” Restaurant in Belgium. Though visitors of Ator do not notice it from the very beginning, as the designers had very successfully used lights in the rooms, creating very calm and bright atmosphere. Lack of windows doesn’t make the space look heavy. It adds a special intimate note to the whole place, but it doesn’t bother lovers of the sun and brightness. The reason for lack of windows was not a crazy designers’ move, but the simple fact, that the restaurant is not located in any picturesque place, therefore it lacked a nice window-view, and decided to not use windows at all.

It is truly a unique place due to the calmness and quietness that can be find here. Despite the straight lines and heavy-looking furniture, atmosphere of the restaurant is very welcoming. In its simplicity the eating house shares the image of style and exclusiveness, therefore it may be considered as the upper-scale place, as well as world-known Spanish Restaurant Botin or Italian Grotta Palazzese Restaurant. The artificial lighting system develops the theme of simplicity and straightforwardness of wooden elements, as the only decoration which they got was their natural color and texture.

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