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Baggers Restaurant: robotic waiters and unusual service

Baggers RestaurantThe possibility to find one of the most creative restaurants in the world can be waiting for you in every country and at every corner of the street. You do not have to think that all unusual and creative ideas can be find in Japan or Thailand, as we have found a great restaurant in Germany, and information about it we would like to share with you right now.


Peculiar restaurant without waiters

This great restaurant is located in Nuremberg, one of the most interesting and picturesque places in Germany, and has a very creative name “Baggers”. Polite administrator will not meet you at the entrance of this dining place like in Italian Grotta Palazzese Restaurant or Kinderkookkafe in Amsterdam. Baggers Restaurant is creative in a very unusual way, the fact is that it is the world's first automated restaurant where there are no waiters. The idea of “Baggers” restaurant is very simple, there is no service staff, and the orders from the table are prepared by the visitors themselves, well, it basically means that you have to submit your order to the kitchen yourself. But do not worry, no one will make you to go to the kitchen Chef and tell him what and for which table he has to prepare the food. The system is fully automated and the rails lead from the kitchen to each table.

The idea of a restaurant in which people would have to serve themselves without any help of a waiter appeared in the head of the restaurant owner Michael Mack after he nearly lost his leg, when he was trying to serve at his house a large company of friends and guests.

Baggers Restaurant

Unusual rails to deliver your inquires

All the waiters in the restaurant “Baggers “ were replaced by a fully automated ordering and delivery system. On each table there is a touch screen, providing an opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with the menu and place an order. When the meals are ready they are delivered by the rails that remind of a miniature roller-coaster straight to your table. The same way you order drinks, and even bottles of wine! Don’t worry all of your inquires will be listened to and carefully executed, moreover, the road is safe, you food or drink will never be spilt out.

Electronic terminal to ensure your comfort

The electronic terminal controls this whole process and may be considered as your personal robotic waiter. It will not only take your order, but also receive a payment from you. While the client is waiting for the order, he may use the terminal to check his e-mails and send SMS to your friends, and access the internet and maybe read some news on the web. Regular customers can choose a special possibility to pay bills once in a month, like an electricity bill.

Despite Baggers Restaurant does not have such soulful atmosphere as Restaurant Botin in Spain or BED New York Restaurant, it appears to be very popular in Germany. During years the restaurant is getting more and more visitors from year to year, but since February 2017 Baggers Restaurant in Nuremberg is no longer open to the public. 

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