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Vampire Restaurant in Tokyo: tempting feelings and tasty food

Vampire Restaurant in TokyoWhat is the geography of all the vampire stuff and stories? People usually associate them with Transylvania and the talk does not continue further. Though, it appears that there are other places that are quite close to vampires situated in the other parts of the world. Therefore next time when you think about the most vampire country, do not be so quick with your answer.


Vampire food in horrible surrounding

One can get into Dracula's lair almost anywhere, as the vampire lovers and fans have spread all over the globe. Therefore one wrong move - and you're in a dark room, and on your plate you can see a bat. Do not be surprised if at the same time you are in Tokyo!

If you are in the Japanese capital and you have happened to accidentally wander into a restaurant in scarlet colors, where instead of tables there are coffins, and the usual ketchup on the plate looks very ominous in the light of candelabrumBut if you look for an immersive and fun gothic vampire dinner – you are in a right place!

Very creative Japanese have many really unusual dining places like astounding Nyotaimori Cannibalistic Restaurant or mysterious Ninja Akasaka Restaurant. It is not surprising that it were Japanese who have found an interesting solution for the interior of the most popular vampire restaurant. The visitor enters the unusual institution from a bright light into the total darkness that may be even hurtful for the untrained eyes. Inside the restaurant you can feel quite an unusual cold, that is quite similar to the basement or vault surrounding, and the situation is somewhat worrisome. Only calm and cold-faced waiters are leading the guests to the room from which they will not run away without tasting some of the vampire food.

Vampire Restaurant in Tokyo

Peculiar restaurant for courageous people

In Vampire Restaurant you will not feel yourself calmly and leisurely like in respectable traditional dining place like italian Grotta Palazzese Restaurant or spanish Restaurant Botin. Guests  of Vampire Restaurant can truly feel themselves as "victims" in this very unusual place as from the first site they can already notice particularity of the restaurant.

  • An abundance of red color. 
  • Sounds of baroque music. 
  • Special decorations in the form of a hexagonal coffins laying here and there.
  • Big and antique candles in the candelabrum. 
  • While crosses and skulls strongly reminiscent of the impermanence of all common earthy things. 

Memorable visit to the gothic restaurant 

The unusual design makes the restaurant guests to wonder further on and learn more and more details about the meat that is served, the wine, the food-sticks and other. By the way, drinks here are stronger, than at most Japanese bars! Just in case, you will still not know whether anybody from the visitors or staff are vampires.

Sounds scary? But you can be sure that the visit to this gothic restaurant will stay in your memory for a long time. Not every day you can feel like a character in a horror movie, at the same time realizing that you're actually in complete safety. Though sadly enough Vampire Restaurant is not designed for tourists as it is placed in a very enclosed area and the menus are all in Japanese, however the variety of food is quite versatile as you can order dishes fro, French, Italian and Japanese cuisine.

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