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Underwater Restaurant Itha in the Hilton Hotel on Maldives Islands

Restaurant Itha in the Hilton Hotel on Maldives IslandsEven though Itha Restaurant is a part of the Hilton Hotel that is located on the Maldives Islands, it still deserves a separate attention, as this place is magnificently beautiful and mysterious.It is entirely made out of very strong material, that will keep you secure during your lunch or dinner, but the most amazing thing is that the walls are made out of glass.


Splendid underwater lunch

You can find world-class service and perfect cuisine in many good dining places like fantastic “Dinner in the Sky” Restaurant in Belgium or hidden in a cave Italian Grotta Palazzese Restaurant. But restaurant Itha in the Hilton Hotel can give you totally new experience. If once you will have a chance to have your lunch underwater, this will certainly be a unique adventure.

As you are seating under water - over eight-meters the colourful world of coral reefs and ocean creatures are open to you, as well as you are open to their sites. This is truly a great place as an exquisite lunch visitors can admire the view of the sea depths, while eating a soup from lobsters or other delicious meals of advanced European cuisine. At a time the restaurant can place just 14 people, but we think that even adds up to a unique experience, as there will not be a big chance that some very loud children or young people will somehow join you at the neighbouring table. You can get to the restaurant by passing the wooden bridge and going down the spiral staircase.

Restaurant Itha in the Hilton Hotel on Maldives Islands

Incredible feelings in surrounding of crystal water

Here you will not find any of the walls or ceiling, just one huge glass dome, which stands between you and the splendour and bright colours of the underwater world. The feeling is truly indescribable, you only see the crystal blue waters around and fish that are slowly circling around you, waiting for you to finish a meal and play with them, or maybe they would like to play with you… you never know for sure!

This restaurant seems to have no walls, as well as rotating “Perlan” Restaurant in Iceland. As indeed there are no boundaries of the space, even though there is a glass dome over you, but you do not feel enclosed, after couple of minutes in the Itha Restaurant you start to feel yourself like a real underwater creature, and you are ready to join the school of fish and prepare your portable refrigerator for the coming landing.

Wonderful ocean-life and tasty sea food

After having a lunch in such a place you would for sure have only good and pleasant memories. The ocean world can calm and relax you at the same time fill up with energy and readiness to explore other wonders of the world. Water world in all its splendour falls on you so that you could experience the real waterfall and stay in this stunning state until the end. Though, as a mean joke, the restaurant also serves sea food. We think that not everyone piece will go down the throat so easily, when the same food, but only alive and beautiful is looking at you from the other side of the glass. No doubt, every meal in Itha Restaurant is worth it's price. But if your incomes are not enough for such expensive dining places - much cheaper proposals with really delicious food you can find in Chinese restaurants - A380 Summer Kitchen or Restaurant Tim Ho Wan.

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