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Restaurant Aurum in Singapore: experience hospital from its other side!

Restaurant "Aurum" is a very unusual restaurant, as this restaurant is a hospital. The restaurant's interior resembles the morgue or even the operating room, therefore don’t worry if you will see a bright lamp with lots of bright light right in front of you. The visitors are served by waitresses who are dressed in the uniform of nurses, and in the menu of the bar in this restaurant has a real medical spirit with the highest percents of alcohol.


Hospital-style restaurant with especial service and particular interior

Every famous dining place is peculiar in it's own way. Kinderkookkafe in Amsterdam can surprise you with serving children-staff and small cookers, in Japanese Nyotaimori Cannibalistic Restaurant you will be chanced to taste really exotic meals, Edge Restaurant in Oman will astonish you with incredibly beautiful scenery. And Restaurant Aurum will amaze you with really particular interior.

Customers of this unusual place eat from the operating tables, real operating tables that were once taken from the hospitals of the city, and seat in the golden wheelchair, real wheelchairs that were just redesigned a little for the comfort of the visitors.

Interior of this great Singaporean restaurant "Aurum" looks like another operating room. Moreover, the reception of this unique restaurant is a fake morgue and operating theater. But it turns out that this restaurant is also one for the most popular in the world. You may not believe this, but there is a great number of fans all around the world who are willing to travel that far and spend an evening with friends and relatives in a hospital-style restaurant, that has everything, even small details, prepared in this style! You will see X-ray images on the walls and drinks served in a drip bulb! If you will ever decide to visit the "Aurum" restaurant, please note that you have to be prepared mentally, if you had a childhood trauma and you are afraid of everything white, then it is not the place for you, as your meal will be served on a hospital bed with wheels.


Unusual kitchen of out of ordinary restaurant

Fancy restaurant in Singapore, named "Aurum" has also a very unusual kitchen is unusual, where chefs appear to work with molecules of your food to make the taste completely different! If you ever heard a rumor that hospital food is disgusting, well, it is for sure not about this place! The chefs, apart from commonly known dishes, have their own recopies for thirteen extraordinary dishes, that are kept as a specialty of the restaurant! The food is excellent, however, it is not suitable for children and toddlers. But if you highly estimate molecular gastronomy, Restaurant Aurum will be right place for you as well as El Bulli Restaurant in Spain or Moto Restaurant in USA. And don't forget to take your portable refrigerator - you will certainly want to take one additional speciality in store. 

Easy way to get totally new experience

The walls, floor and ceiling are covered with coarse golden peas ornament - because the very name of the institution translates from Latin as "gold”, no wonder why you will meet this color almost everywhere! So, if you think that you are prepared, and want to experience hospital from its other side, then we wish you a nice and healthy time at this great place in Singapore.

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