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Engrossing Street Dinner

Street DinnerLink Tours travel agency in the Italian town of Ferrara has taken a unique approach in order to attract hungry for bread and spectacles tourists to its native city. They offer their tourists an interesting task, as their dining idea is linked together with city-touring, as they came up with unique gastronomic show quest. Customers of this travel company are offered a dinner in an unusual place, which previously they would have to find by themselves!


Mixture of a quest and role-playing game

Dinner idea of Link Tours travel agency is quite different from a usual visit to the good restaurant like De Kas Greenhouse in Netherlands of Restaurant Botin in Spain. Participants of this program which is called in an English manner Street Dinner has to pay a considerable price of 60 Euros per person. For this money they will have the ability to get to the festive afternoon tea and dinner, organized directly on the historic streets of Ferrara (the city that is also interesting by the very fact that it was named as one of the UNESCO heritage sites). But this is only the beginning. So dot't forget to take Your small portable printer in this exciting trip: you'll have a chance to see a plenty of unusual places. 

The game begins when you place an order by paying the price and leaving your cell phone number. As soon, very soon you will receive further instructions for the game and your dining quest per sms - as well as information about the "dress code" that you have to follow. Moreover, the entertainment comes with the fact that on your way to the dinner you will have to tackle different problems, as, for example, you may receive your instruction in an unusual language. Therefore do not think that the entire task will be that easy to tackle. And don't forget to take a portable refrigerator with some food as the search can take several hours!

Street Dinner

Three unpredictable messages

First sms on the appointed day will indicate where you need to gather for an aperitif. Though, you still need to find your own way to this meeting point. Fortunately, the historic centers of cities do not differ extensively. Snacks at the show with national dances will not starve you to death for a couple of hours waiting for the second message, which will send you the point of food and equipment delivery needed for your further journey. It's amazing, but you will have to take a bag of food with yourself, some folding tables and chairs, and wait for the third sms to come, which will tell you where your gala dinner will take place, and then, with this goods you all go to a meeting point.

Exposure to sights and Italian speciality

As pointed out by Link Tours, outdoor dining program – is a mixture of some sort of a date night and treasure hunting, between quest and role-playing game, between the social network and the ancient art, between the VIP-dinner and a romantic picnic. Participating in such exciting game will be as remarkable as visit to Restaurant Aurum in Singapore or Ninja Akasaka Restaurant in Tokyo.

The main thing, while searching for the needed locations around the city you will be able to enjoy a good look, visit majestic sights and what is more important to remember all those places, thanks to the massive dinner in an unexpected final location. This can be a courtyard dEste, street of angels with the great view on the Diamond Palace, the main city wall, a bridge of Three Bridges, embankment or something else, but truly worth seeing.

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