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Calico Cat CafГ©: cosy restaurant with numerous pets

Calico Cat CafeCalico Cat Café is a new unusual place in the heart of Japanese capital, Tokyo, that is quite unusual by offering you to invite a cat as a companion for your meal. Do not worry if you are the cat lover or in general a great activist to protect animal rights, the cats in this cafe feel themselves just perfect! The reason for that is that they are treated as pleasant guests to every meal. 


Paradise for cats

Some of snazzy japanese dining places like Ninja Akasaka Restaurant or Vampire Restaurant can surprise you with sumptuous and fancy interiors. In Calico Cat Café you will not find very expensive furniture. But this place has it's own charm: more than fifty different cats constantly live here.

At this unusual cafe you would first be greeted and then lead to the table, where your interesting evening will start. The first menu that you will be served with in the cafe of Tokyo, has nothing to do with food. From this menu, or we may better say, a list of guests, you will have to choose a cat that will keep you company while you drink your tea and eat your cakes. Watchful waiters will actually look after the guests in order to be sure that the cats of the restaurant are treated nicely and with all respect, and will also readily provide you with the plate of dry pet food so that you would be able to please your new cat-friend. But if you have a pocket dog you will have to use some portable dog fence in this restaurant.

Since many of the residents of the Japanese capital cannot afford to have a house cat, a trip to one of already 30 such urban cafe allows the busy people to have the possibility to feel themselves as owners or friends of these lovely animals as much as you would like. Or if you are a tourist who would also like to enjoy the company of a cat, or you miss your own beloved pet that you have left at home, here you will be able to play with the cats for your delight.

Calico Cat Cafe

Favourite place of young girls and older people

Calico Cat Cafe visitors pay around 800 yen (which is about US $ 9) per every hour of the company with the cat. We may argue whether it is a lot or it is even not enough. However, there are lots of people who become frequent guests, and will wait for couple of hours to have their beloved cat sitting right next to them, while they eat their dessert. Most frequently you can see some categories of visitors.

  • Older people here, enjoying the company of very gentle animals.
  • Group of girls, who would always want to have a kitten at home, but their parents would not allow them.
  • Just people who would want to have a new experience for their lunch time!

Enjoy light meals in company with pretty pets!

Calico Cat Cafe also offers a great menu for the visitors. Here you will not find such outstanding cuisine and diversity of meals like in At.mosphere Restaurant in OAE or Underwater Restaurant Itha in the Hilton Hotel on Maldives Islands. Majorly the cafe, as they call themselves, specializes on tea, coffee and fresh baked products, more appropriate for a breakfast or a snack at the lunch. You can also order some inexpensive meals with pastas and fried-rice omelettes priced at Y500 and desserts at Y300. Though, you can also come here during the evening to have a light salad-dinner or for a desert.

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