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A380 Summer Kitchen: enjoy dinner of an airplane passenger!

A380 RestaurantDining on board is not usually associated with something pleasant and of a high-quality. However the surroundings itself that is created during the plane flight and having a lunch in the chairs of an aircraft may be of interest to the public, even pretentious for some of them. In Taiwan, the home of many interesting restaurant concepts, appeared a dining institution that is styled like a real cabin of an aircraft with the relevant details for the real flight of an airplane.


Feel yourself as the passenger of  big airliner

This interesting restaurant is named in honor of the biggest airliner – “A380 summer kitchen”. The restaurant is a lot like a real flying aircraft, the small details were embodied that well, so that you would feel like really flying: "passengers" sit in zones of different classes, which themselves are stylized in a similar to aircraft way and numbered in an alphanumeric code, and false windows on the walls show the clouds or evening sky with the sun. So in A380 Summer Kitchen your meals will taste absolutelly different than in Restaurant Tim Ho Wan or Carton King Creativity Park Restaurant.

To create a complete the image of the restaurant and to add more spices to your dinner the waiters are dressed in stylish summer stewardess-uniforms, and serve the dinner for your creative “flight” on real metal trolleys. Before and after the meal they will come to you with other trolleys, riding between the rows and offering guest some free drinks, that consists of some water, juices, soft drinks and alcohol, that you can usually find while flying with airplane. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very pleasant and the staff is friendly.

A380 Restaurant

Tasty meals for quick dinner

Dishes are made up of calculation for convenience serving - the choice is not so rich, as in Italian Grotta Palazzese Restaurant or American Moto Restaurant. But in A380 Summer Kitchen you can also order a full dinner menu for a real standard dinner and even some dishes "a la carte". All meals are cooked very quickly, so in a few minutes you'll get fresh and hot food.

Though no matter what you will choose you will be served in a plastic box, as it should be on board. You will be given plastic utensils, though for some really picky customers the watering staff would readily find some real knives and forks. Though do not be surprised if you will find some notes on your dish, like fish, pork or chicken, which is quite usual on the planes where they serve some options for your meal.

Aircraft atmosphere and friendly prices

Taipei Restaurant A380 serves all the basic standards of a real dining place, and at the end is not expensive. Therefore getting a place in it is not that easy: if you will come the very same day to the restaurant wanting to eat your meal in an aircraft atmosphere, most probably you will not be lucky, as tables at this restaurant are preordered sometimes even couple of weeks before the actual date.

So in the end we do not think that you will become a frequent flying-guest of this restaurant, as you will not be able to treat yourself with a great variety of food options, and even maybe the whole atmosphere will soon become quite boring for you.

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