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Sense on the Edge Restaurant: incredibly beautiful scenery and unique cuisine

Sense on the EdgeSense on the Edge Restaurant can be called a restaurant with an alpine cuisine. Sadly or even happily enough it is not just a single restaurant. This amazing and picturesque place is a part of the Six Senses Zighy Bay resort in Oman. However this unusual restaurant is the main attraction that drives tourists to this place.


Magnificient atmosphere and picturesque view

Despite of all advantages of world-known restaurants in big cities like Spanish Restaurant Botin or De Kas Greenhouse Restaurant in Netherlands, most of such dining places can not impress visitors with natural surrounding or beautiful window views.

Sense on the Edge Restaurant has an unique location - it is located on a steep site Adjaran between two mountains at an altitude of not less than 293 meters above the Zighy bay. Sense on the Edge restaurant managed to realize the dreams of all catering institutions in the world (or rather saying, their owners): people come to this amazing place for the exceptional and delicious food, and not just for that, but also to enjoy the unique atmosphere that is provided by spectacular views of the sea and mountains and starry night sky during the dinner.

Sense on the Edge

Intellectual international cuisine: new taste of  familiar dishes

Thanks to the new owner of the place - James Knight-Pacheco, who have created a new concept of an intellectual international cuisine this place became even more interesting and unusual. "I wanted to create an international menu, adding to every single dish some rich Arab spices. The idea is to attract the funky flavors of familiar dishes that give new taste sensations and feelings that will draw tourists to come back to Sense on the Edge again and again." To do this, the restaurant uses only the best products for its cooking:

  • A unique beef Blackmore Wagyu beef, which is grown in Japan: 
  • Lamb from the Peter's Farm - farm of the same name – located in the Netherlands, famous for impeccable care and feeding of livestock;
  • Perfect lobsters, scallops, monkfish and other seafood;
  • All the vegetables that are served in the restaurant are grown right here in their own organic garden.

But do not forget, that apart from international food, you will be able to taste and enjoy the national specialties. Sense on the Edge restaurant will not let you leave Oman without tasting some of its traditional culture features. So don't forget to take your portable fridge: all these delicious meals you won't be able to eat at once.

A special proposal - Starlight Table

The idea of restaurant’s menu is based on a combination of the best ingredients with the addition of Arabic spices. This all adds up to a unique atmosphere and the great feeling that you will not be able to find anywhere else on the Earth! For those who think that the height of 293 meters is not sufficient enough, the restaurant offers a special private place - a table under the stars (Starlight Table). The couple can book this unique table in order to spend the great night, and away from the rest of the restaurant guests enjoy the beautiful view and their meal. The restaurant also has one more extra private space to organize a sunrise breakfast.

 If you look for particular place to arrange unforgettable date with your beloved person, Sense on the Edge Restaurant can be a really great choice as well as BED New York Restaurant or romantic Grotta Palazzese Restaurant in Italy. 

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