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Carton King Creativity Park Restaurant

Carton King RestaurantCarton King Creativity Park is a true revolutionary idea for the way you can see your restaurant. This great dining place is not just interesting to visit, but is also quite environmentally friendly. And as for many years,talked about the eco-friendly materials in the construction of restaurants, but we can see that Taiwan went ahead and made the dining institution that was fully built out of cardboard. This new creation is located in the city of Tayzhun in a special theme park «Carton King Creativity Park».


Environment-friendly restaurant with cardboard furniture

Carton King Restaurant will surprise you in absolutely different way than Kinderkookkafe in Netherlands with children-staff to serve guests or Nyotaimori Cannibalistic Restaurant in Japan with very unusual food. Apart from the food, waiters and some very special cutlery utensils, everything inside of Carton Restaurant is made out of cardboard and paper. It seems almost impossible, but in fact the visitors are sitting there on the chairs that were built out of cardboard, sipping drinks and eating their food from cardboard cups and plates. Even the walls are made out of a specially stylized carton, and also the ones that lead to the kitchen. Though the kitchen itself for the safety issues has normal and doesn’t endanger the visitors for the possible fire. If you also share ecology friendly position, you can not only use recycled materials, but also apply solar energy instead of usual electricity or gas. With the help of portable solar chargers you can supply many of your household devices like a compact flat iron, a laptop or a vacuum cleaner.

Carton King Restaurant

Great recycling potential and comfort for visitors

If you are a person who finds eating with plastic utensils or drinking from a plastic cup already offending, than you may be quite frustrated with this place. In such case traditional dining places like Spanish Restaurant Botin or At.mosphere Restaurant in OAE could become better choice for you.

However, the idea behind Carton Restaurant is a little different than to make everything practicable enough for quick eating, it is more about having everything done from recycling materials, and therefore save the environment, as we all know that paper is one of the easiest ecological materials that takes less time to decompose. So, even a paper glass of water you will get in a cardboard cup holder.

According to the founderof Taiwanese restaurant Tan Chin Papervare, the restaurant has a great "recycling" potential. If something is broken or damaged, it can be changed easily, and most importantly - safe for the environment. In addition, it will not take long for everything to be fixed.And in case you are wondering, no, the furniture in this restaurant breaks not more often, it breaks almost as regularly as in any other dining place.

A useful tip - just below the restaurant the Carton King Creativity Park (a local shop with souvenirs) is located. And you can come here to buy something reminding eco-friendly eating place.

Dazzling luxury of Carton King Restaurant

The restaurant's namesays it all - «Carton King Restaurant» - it also is connected to a legendary network of hotels and resorts «Ritz-Carlton». However, the dazzling luxury (what, you couldn’t think that a luxury can be made out of carton?) here is contrasted with practicality, originality and moreover great care for nature. "Paper – is also a great force", says the owner of the restaurant. So, if you plan to visit China, Carton King Restaurant should be included in your list of must-visit places together with Restaurant Tim Ho Wan with world-class service and really unusual A380 Summer Kitchen.

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