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Rotating пїЅPerlanпїЅ Restaurant in a glass dome

пїЅPerlanпїЅ RestaurantIn the distant and cold country Iceland, you too can surprised by the interesting idea of organizing a restaurant. In Reykjavik you can visit one of the most unusual restaurants in the word. Perlan restaurant is built right on top of the hot water tanks of the city. No one could imagine, but huge urban water tanks, specially designed for water heating can be simply a wonderful background and also an architectural support for the restaurant.


Beautiful restaurant with very warm atmosphere

Many famous restaurants with world-class service and delicious meals like Le Restophone Restaurant in France or Restaurant Botin in Spain are situated in quite ordinary buildings. That is why unusual dining place on the huge water tank attracts tourists from all over the world. And yet, the idea is not so bold as it may seem on the first place. Practical Icelanders had found a rational use of all the opportunities offered by each object that was built by humans, and realized that they are not worse than the beauty and natural wealth of their country.

пїЅPerlanпїЅ RestaurantThe location of the restaurant essentially helps to save on heating; in addition, builders did not have to spend money on the installation of the "warm floor" system at the restaurant. The floor in this place is already quite warm, as under the floor there are millions of liters of hot water splashing around, that is later supplied to all the homes in Reykjavik. As you see, this restaurant almost as ecology friendly as portable solar chargers or other devices which use energy of sun.

Unforgettable supper in a huge glass dome

The hot water tanks on which this great Perlan restaurant is built are something like an artificial mountain or a hill, with a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings. And therefore sitting in this great restaurant will bring you an extraordinary experience, as the lack of walls and a huge glass dome above your head will allow you to have a panoramic view of all the surroundings. The location of the restaurant will help you to be closer to the stars. City Lights will not stop you from admiring the Milky Way. 

Visitors will find here both light snacks and substantial meals like soups, salads, pizzas. And for a quick treat waiters will propose you delicious fresh ice cream. 4 course tasting menu will cost about $55 USD per person.

Unique rotating night restaurant

There is another interesting feature about the restaurant Perlan - it rotates. Yes, Perlan rotates, allowing you to view all the beauty of the lands of Iceland. The speed of rotation of the restaurant is 1 full turn in every 2 hours. So, after sitting in the restaurant for two hours, you will see all that Iceland can offer you. Perlan restaurant is open every day from half past six in the evening, local time. This is a unique night restaurant, therefore you will always be able to arrange in this place a romantic date under the stars. There are only few such particular dining places in the world like Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock restaurant in Australia or BED New York Restaurant, where you can have really unforgettable night with your beloved person.

The name of unusual restaurant «Perlan» means "pearl". The owner of the restaurant named it this way so that to emphasize that this is a real gem of Iceland, which is a place that you absolutely have to visit if you are in this country.

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