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Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock restaurant in opened air

Another astonishing restaurant that is worth your attention is "Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock". This great restaurant will not only offer you a great food, but will also give you the unforgettable experience, once you arrive, you will be a little shocked, as this restaurant is not placed in any building, as we usually think about the dining place.For those who are bored with the walls and want to experience something new there is a unique place! 


Right place to breathe in freedom and enjoy sunset

The Australians encourage every person to visit the open air restaurant located in the desert, near the rock Uluru. This amazing restaurant with a very creative located is called “Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock”, where people can really breathe in freedom and enjoy the "sounds of silence." Visitors can watch as the sun goes to sleep and the stars wake up. This is a gorgeous experience that everyone have to have in their life!

The country's best place for tourists with stunning cuisine

But the restaurant surprises not only by its design, well, the lack of any design, but just the creative use of the majestic nature surrounding this place, but also with its cuisine! In the "Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock" even a gourmet will find the taste of dinner simply stunning. From the suggested dishes one can choose:

  • Kangaroo;
  • Crocodiles;
  • Ostriches and unusual spices.

So you can even bring a portable freezer to keep couple of these unique meals to your friends. Besides, you can order less exotic meals, including vegetarian options. Wide choice of wines and non-alcoholic drinks is also available.

This restaurant has repeatedly won several awards as the country's best place for tourists. It is here you can be even closer to untouched nature than in majestic Sense on the Edge Restaurant in Oman or Sunland Baobab Restaurant in Africa.

In addition, the restaurant offers its customers to look into the telescopes to observe the stars, and at the same time, during your meal a real astronomer will tell you fascinating stories about the planets and luminaries.

Perfect restaurant to have dinner a deux

The experience of dining in such a restaurant is really great. You can find really delicious meals in many other famous dining places like At.mosphere Restaurant in OAE or El Bulli Restaurant in Spain. But the beautiful atmosphere of the surrounding place makes Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock restaurant a wonderful place for couples, but take some warm coats, as in the desert it will be a little cold, once the sun will go down. You will be offered great wine and enjoy the site of the color changes of Uluru, which will become another spectacular experience. The relaxing atmosphere of the most picturesque place will be filled with the sound of the didgeridoo, while you will be watching the sunset at Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) and Uluru (Ayers Rock). This place will be a great for a family and close friends gathering, and as majority of the visitors’ remark, this great food, combined with everything that restaurant offers is truly worth the money! By the way, the dinner in this magic restaurant will cost 185 USD per a person.

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