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El Bulli Restaurant in Spain: a birthplace of molecular gastronomy

El Bulli Restaurant in SpainIn hot and spicy Spain, near the Catalan town of Roses, on the warm Mediterranean Sea, there is a restaurant, which is probably well known to any gourmet. Only here one can get much more than just a meal. In a year the restaurant receives about 600 thousand requests for table reservations. But lucky may be only 8000 customers from all the wanting. After all, a restaurant «El Bulli» works only five nights per week, and all in all six months per year.


The rest of the time the owner and inspirer Ferran Adrià spends traveling around the world, in order to gain new culinary experience, which he will use and realize in the next season in his great chef-kitchen.

The best restaurant of all times

El Bulli Restaurant in Spain

It is also worth mentioning that the restaurant «El Bulli» is the winner of three "Michelin" stars (which speaks about the higher class of the establishment). Moreover, it has won the first place in the ranking of the best restaurants in the world by the authoritative English edition «Restaurant Magazine» two times. A French newspaper «Le Figaro» even proclaimed it the best restaurant of all times. And this is only a small fraction of its titles and awards. «El Bulli» is as well-known worldwide as famous At.mosphere Restaurant in OAE or Underwater Restaurant Itha in the Hilton Hotel on Maldives Islands.

What is so great about this Spanish restaurant? Inside, the eating place looks very traditional in dissonance with the really ground-breaking menu. The fascinating fact about «El Bulli» is that it in addition to other benefits is also a birthplace of molecular gastronomy, which over the last few years became the most fashionable gastronomic trend worldwide. It’s a really famous place, and, to visit it, you should make the reservation months in advance.

Culinary paradise created by The Alchemist

In this restaurant, just as in American Moto Restaurant, you can taste really strange meals.

  • Transparent ravioli,
  • Chocolate with the flavor of sand and snow,
  • Herring ice and other extravagances.

In addition to these amazing dishes you will be served with the traditional Spanish cousin, prepared in a strict accordance with the traditions of the region from which the recepies were borrowed. You can also order the cuisines of other countries. All that will be served will be of the highest quality, as well as in famous Restaurant Botin.

Generally, «El Bulli» is a whole culinary philosophy. Senior philosopher here is Ferran Adria, who received from his colleagues a special nicknamed "The Alchemist". The story of its creation requires a separate article. Just try to realize that if you are lucky enough to be one of the rare customers at one of the tables at Cala Montjoi, Ap. 3017480, Rosas, Girona (Spain) - means that you have visited in the culinary paradise.

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