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De Kas Greenhouse Restaurant with great cooking

De Kas Greenhouse RestaurantDe Kas is name of a great restaurant in a former greenhouse, located in a picturesque park on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The building was erected in 1926 to meet the needs of kindergartens and hospitals. But after a few decades the idea withered, and with it the greenhouse business. Glasshouse from disuse dilapidated so much, that 10 years ago the municipal government decided to demolish it.


Unusual history of launching the restaurant

Then on the horizon appeared a Gert Jan Hageman, who was able to see ordinary things from an unusual angle. At least one thing he saw and didn’t want to lose it - the former municipal greenhouse, which he decided to convert into a restaurant. The city sold him the remains of the structure for only 1 euro, with the condition that he would put the entity on its feet.

De Kas Greenhouse Restaurant

Currently, this restaurant is one of the most prosperous in Amsterdam, and not because of the rich interiors. De Kas does not have such exclusive and expensive furniture as visitors can see in At.mosphere Restaurant in OAE or Rotating “Perlan” Restaurant in Iceland. Greenhouse restaurant is famous for its cuisine, which, in turn, is derived from the chef, the man Gert Jan Hageman. The talent of Mister Gert is realized with the help of only fresh products supplied by its own farm, which is located 10 kilometers from Amsterdam and vegetables that grow in the next room to the restaurant, the renowned greenhouse.

Diversified meals from the freshest ingredients

Hageman and his greenhouse restaurant have one soul for two. He says he spent 20 years in the closet with tiled floors and white fluorescent lamps only to understand - real food can be prepared with the participation of sunlight. That food that is prepared in De Kas is 100% as such. Dinner and lunch set menus include options for vegetarians. Meat meals, cheeses, seasonal and local fish are also served.

Restaurant De Kas is located in Frankenthal Park and is surrounded by greenhouses, which grow fresh vegetables and herd all year round. High (8 meters) ceiling of the main hall gives the impression of airiness and spaciousness. Among the tables there are trees and shrubs, and each visitor can sit at the table of the chef and watch the process of cooking. By the way, as Hageman follows the concept of the freshest ingredients, therefore restaurant's menu varies greatly depending on the season. Field of 10 km in size from De Kas restaurant satisfies the need of the chef for the additional products.

Perfect embodiment of beautiful interior and excellent cooking

In De Kas Greenhouse Restaurant you will find natural surrounding and perfect cuisine as well as in magical Yellow Tree House Restaurant in New Zealand or Sunland Baobab Restaurant in South Africa.

Therefore this great restaurant is the embodiment of both, great design, esthetical beauty and also very creative interior and exterior, but as well as the great cooking, where every dish has an exceptional taste and will give you the real experience of healthy, tasty and unusual eating! You should also taste the local wines, as they are surprisingly delicious.

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