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Hidden in a cave Grotta Palazzese Restaurant

Grotta Palazzese RestaurantIn the southern Italian province of Polignano Mare one can find quite a charming restaurant that serves great food and has a very attractive creative feature. This feature distinguishes it from the other restaurants because there are no walls in this dining place, as they are successfully replaced by the cave vaults. In the rest this restaurant located in a cave (the level of service, the quality of the food and other) is not inferior to other similar institutions and therefore earns for itself the title of one of the most unusual world class restaurants.



Engrossing Street Dinner

Street DinnerLink Tours travel agency in the Italian town of Ferrara has taken a unique approach in order to attract hungry for bread and spectacles tourists to its native city. They offer their tourists an interesting task, as their dining idea is linked together with city-touring, as they came up with unique gastronomic show quest. Customers of this travel company are offered a dinner in an unusual place, which previously they would have to find by themselves!



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