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Kinderkookkafe in Amsterdam: food, cooked by children

Kinderkookkafe in AmsterdamAny parent at least sometimes secretly wants to teach his disobedient and wayward child some manners, and show him that it's not easy to live in the adult world, and perform all the duties of an adult. We are willing to do anything to have our child start to respect the grown-ups need for sleep and rest, and respect the earned money. The people of the Netherlands now have such an opportunity.



De Kas Greenhouse Restaurant with great cooking

De Kas Greenhouse RestaurantDe Kas is name of a great restaurant in a former greenhouse, located in a picturesque park on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The building was erected in 1926 to meet the needs of kindergartens and hospitals. But after a few decades the idea withered, and with it the greenhouse business. Glasshouse from disuse dilapidated so much, that 10 years ago the municipal government decided to demolish it.



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