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Restaurant Botin: the oldest restaurant in the world

Restaurant BotinThe oldest restaurant in Madrid, Botin, was founded in 1725. From this basic but very important fact, one could already say that this is now a touristic place, and there is nothing more historic and charming left, but you will be totally wrong, as the place is truly magnificent and vintage, though in a natural way, even now. Even the fact that the institution was mentioned in the book of Guinness World Records as the oldest restaurant in the world didn’t harm the actual and almost legendary atmosphere of this place.



El Bulli Restaurant in Spain: a birthplace of molecular gastronomy

El Bulli Restaurant in SpainIn hot and spicy Spain, near the Catalan town of Roses, on the warm Mediterranean Sea, there is a restaurant, which is probably well known to any gourmet. Only here one can get much more than just a meal. In a year the restaurant receives about 600 thousand requests for table reservations. But lucky may be only 8000 customers from all the wanting. After all, a restaurant «El Bulli» works only five nights per week, and all in all six months per year.



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