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Ice Restaurant in Dubai: unique place with icy interior

Ice Restaurant in DubaiIce restaurant that is located in the heart of Dubai is a very unusual place for such a surrounding! This restaurant-bar serves its drinks in ice glasses, offering the customers creative sitting that are made out of ice. Just like the bar stand, chairs, walls, and even dishes are made completely out of ice. They say that even though Ice restaurant in Dubai is not the only one in the world, as these kinds of ice bars one can see in Sweden, Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, Poland, Alaska and elsewhere; but Ice restaurant in Dubai is the most picturesque.


Incredible icy world

The experience to have a drink in the Ice restaurant in Dubai is simply great as the temperature difference between the room of the ice-bar and the outdoor temperature is often 50 degrees Celsius! So it is here the best place to escape from the Dubai summer heat.

In Ice Restaurant you won't need a neck personal cooling fan even in the hottest day. Moreover, the waiter will propose You a free cup of hot chocolate to warm up. This great and creative place is located in the Times Square Center on the main city highway of Shaikh Zayed Road.

The restaurant-bar has also a very interesting name – Chillout!  All items in the exclusive interior of the ice bar Chillout, are made of specially prepared, crystal clear ice without impurities. In addition to the traditional furniture, that is always required for such places as bars, like chairs, tables, dishes, Chillout bar-restaurant has also an ice chandelier that is six feet tall and also very great-looking ice curtains. You can find carton furniture in chinese King Creativity Park Restaurant or see tables and seats made of simple pine boards in situated in Tehran Ator Restaurant. But icy furniture looks much more stylish. One of the main items of decor in Ice restaurant is a portrait of the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Also made of pure ice, it is tinctured with all the necessary colors, which appear as a result of special light refractions.

At the entrance to the bar every visitor is dressed in a warm parka with a hood, given a pair of very warm disposable gloves, and, if necessary, special shoes. In order not to damage and actually melt the new furniture, the bar at a time can place no more than 45 people.

Ice Restaurant in DubaiFantastic embodiment of a dream

Chillout restaurant-bar is world's first ice bar where drinks are not the only specialty. In this great place you can also eat. During your dinning time in this great place you can be served with sandwiches and salads and even main dishes, though they all are pre-cooled in order not to influence the balance of temperature. So here you won't find the freshest delicious food like in De Kas Greenhouse Restaurant in Netherlands or chinese Restaurant Tim Ho Wan.

This restaurant is also the most beautiful of its kind, and the design space, and its coverage all give you the sense of representatives of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

This restaurant offers you a unique experience, as no one would dare to even dream of such a place in the heart of the hot desert. But this great restaurant is a true embodiment of a dream.

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