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Rising Sun: right place to throw away negative energy

If you do decide to see the world, then it must be done in the most interesting and useful way. Of course, if you want to have a mind-blowing experience not only from your eating out events, but also in general, than you better choose Asia as your destination, as these people know for sure how to amaze and fascinate people. One of the creative inventions of these people is the restaurant located in China with an interesting and quite peaceful name – Rising Sun. The restaurant specializes in both Cantonese and Mandarin cuisines and has a specific character, which can surprise you a lot.


Perfect place to release your anger

If we have to think about it all in the matter of creativity and amazing style, than many Asian restaurants and bars even look stranger than we can image. For example, Japanese Vampire Restaurant or Nyotaimori Cannibalistic Restaurant can astonish you with exotic interior and really unusual serving of meals. Chinese restaurant «Rising Sun», which is located in Nanjing, the capital of the eastern province of Jiangsu, is also one of the examples of this strange creativity. Visitors of this unique and welcoming restaurant will spend their leisure time to good use - try the delights of Asian cuisine  and, in the case of urgent need, can release pent-day anger at the waiters. The menu of the restaurant include not only the specials like Tangerine Chicken or Crab Rangoon.  Apart from food also offers an “employee yelling at”, “hitting an employee with a hand” or say, a bag, you can also throw a cup, a plate, a glass, or even a fork at the watering staff, and you will not be punished for any of these actions. Of course you can't cause debilitating injury, use baseball bats or portable clothes irons to maim waiters.

What is the price of being rude?

You are not allowed to act in such a rude way in other Chinese dining places like Restaurant Tim Ho Wan or A380 Summer Kitchen. But all that is not allowed in any other restaurant you can do in «Rising Sun» without any penalty, well, legal penalty, however, you will have to pay for it all, of course. In front of each menu line there is a price stated that usually ranges from 8 to 50 dollars. This idea is more than unusual; the creator of the restaurant Gong Wu came up with this during his stay in Japan. By the way, being rude to the catering staff in the country of Japan is quite common. After returning home, Gong Wu, showing good judgment, decided to cash in on the visitors with a penchant for the use of brutal force and not nice behavior or wording abuse towards his catering staff.

Verbal abuse without physical force 

Currently, the restaurant «Rising Sun» has about 20 waiters. All of these people apart from the previous good catering experience have also good physical and psychological preparation and trainings. Be able to endure verbal abuse - is one thing, but being "bullied" by physical force - is another matter. But if the client wills this that much to use his fists, the waiter has all the rights to defend himself, and most probably will be able to turn the situation completely into an opposite way, where now a visitor will have to defend himself. Surprisingly, the majority of visitors of the restaurant are women. So, if you have accumulated a lot of negative energy and you need to throw it out somehow, it is best to do it all in this place.

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