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Restaurant Tim Ho Wan: the cheapest prices for world-class service

Restaurant Tim Ho WanIf you are looking for one of the most creative places to eat your dinner, and at the same time you are thinking about the world-class restaurant with Michelin stars, but you do not want to spend too much money for a one person meal, then you should for sure visit Tim Ho Wan restaurant in Hong-Kong. As it is the most affordable restaurant with the Michelin star in the world.



Rising Sun: right place to throw away negative energy

If you do decide to see the world, then it must be done in the most interesting and useful way. Of course, if you want to have a mind-blowing experience not only from your eating out events, but also in general, than you better choose Asia as your destination, as these people know for sure how to amaze and fascinate people. One of the creative inventions of these people is the restaurant located in China with an interesting and quite peaceful name – Rising Sun. The restaurant specializes in both Cantonese and Mandarin cuisines and has a specific character, which can surprise you a lot.



A380 Summer Kitchen: enjoy dinner of an airplane passenger!

A380 RestaurantDining on board is not usually associated with something pleasant and of a high-quality. However the surroundings itself that is created during the plane flight and having a lunch in the chairs of an aircraft may be of interest to the public, even pretentious for some of them. In Taiwan, the home of many interesting restaurant concepts, appeared a dining institution that is styled like a real cabin of an aircraft with the relevant details for the real flight of an airplane.



Carton King Creativity Park Restaurant

Carton King RestaurantCarton King Creativity Park is a true revolutionary idea for the way you can see your restaurant. This great dining place is not just interesting to visit, but is also quite environmentally friendly. And as for many years,talked about the eco-friendly materials in the construction of restaurants, but we can see that Taiwan went ahead and made the dining institution that was fully built out of cardboard. This new creation is located in the city of Tayzhun in a special theme park «Carton King Creativity Park».



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