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Le Restophone Restaurant: social meeting network in a stylish dining place

Restophone«Le Restophone» - is an usual restaurant that is both a combination of fine dining place and the very "sociable" institution in the world. This creative and fashionable eatery is located in France in a very nice and pleasant city Montpellier. The unique feature about this restaurant is the fact that each table in it is equipped with a personal phone, that is associated with this exact table in the restaurant, therefore allowing visitors to step over their usual shy limits and get to know each other via pleasant conversation over the phone.


Small social network for all visitors

Dinner  in this restaurant will be very dissimilar to totally predictable lunch in traditional dining places like Rotating “Perlan” Restaurant in Iceland or Restaurant Botin in Spain. Le Restophone Restaurant was made based on the idea of an open social network, and as usually French people are most open and pleasant during their meal, it was decided to combine it all together and allow singe or interested people to get to know each other. The phone serves as a link with the other people sitting at the other table, one can see the number on a big plastic sign at each table, and therefore you will be sure that the right person will answer your call. Right now this restaurant is very much loved by younger people, as it gives them the possibility to get to know new people, and it is not a wonder, at least it is better than sitting and making connections on Facebook, at this restaurant you can actually see the person you are talking to!



Perfect French cuisine and contemporary drinks

But it is also a dining place, let’s not forget about this! «Le Restophone» knows a lot about contemporary drinks, and even more, so in the cocktails that are mixed at the bar you can get to try almost everything. Phone calls, no doubt, increase the appetite, so «Le Restophone» has no right to disappoint customers in terms of food. The restaurant serves a fine selection of French cuisine. Favorite dish: beef tartare and juicy homemade burger.

Prices in Le Restophone Restaurant are rather low. A cup of coffee will cost 2 Euro, a glass of wine or champagne - 4-7 Euro. Set Dinner Menu has fixed price - 25 Euro.

Restaurant with stylish interior and friendly atmosphere

It is a great place for dinner - a trendy restaurant with a bright and extraordinary open atmosphere and the modern decor. You can dance to the music played by DJ during and after the meal. As used herein, the warm colors create a pleasant atmosphere. The stylish interior has a pleasant appearance and looks as unusually as interior design of unique Ice Restaurant in Dubai or mysterious Ninja Akasaka Restaurant in Tokyo. If it happens that you do not know what to choose from the offered in Le Restophone Restaurant variety, or have no idea what all of these titles mean, than just pick up the phone and call a neighboring table, this may be a good start for the conversation and a possible date for the rest of the evening. Therefore give it a try, we met, a call!

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