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Nyotaimori Cannibalistic Restaurant: the place which will astound you

Nyotaimori Cannibalistic RestaurantNyotaimori (translation into English language has many variations and one of which may mean “female body plate”) – is a name of a very unusual and interesting Japanese restaurant that serves sushi and sashimi. The restaurant Namoytamori prepares from all the kinds of fishery products real works of art in the form of naked female bodies.Though we warn you, this information is not for the sensitive and easily impressionable people. We are not saying that the idea of a restaurant is right or wrong, we just present you, that such a place in the world exists. 


A dream for cannibals and woman-haters

The reason for telling you this warning now is that in this unusual Japanese restaurant the chef-made female body is lying on the operating table and is fully made from edible ingredients, and in such a way is served to the customers. To make the skin, cookers use the dough, and the sauce imitates the blood. The body can be cut and shared as one would like. Therefore it is somewhat true, as some customers notice, that this restaurant may be also called as a “dream for cannibals”.

The menu at this restaurant is very diverse, as well as in other japanese dining places like Ninja Akasaka Restaurant or Vampire Restaurant. If you come with your friends to Nyotaimori Cannibalistic Restaurant, you can order a huge plump woman, well, the figure of one. And the waiter will wheel your order on a real hospital gurney.

Coming with the smaller company you can order a dwarf-dystrophic, and if you want to spend this very unusual dinner just with your partner your choice might include a big-breast beauty, American woman, Chinese woman and etc. Choice is so great that the menu even includes a ten-year old schoolgirl.

Great chance to eat your enemy

Always wanted to feel oneself like a creepy cannibal, devouring human flesh? Then you can go straight to the restaurant of “Cannibalistic Sushi”, as this restaurant is also usually called. And who could come up with such a perverse act, if not Japanese? The mastery of chefs is that great that the artificial body will even ‘bleed’, when it is cut, and placed into the body sushi are made in the form of human organs. On special occasions the restaurant can also offer to you a choice of not only female bodies, but also male. And by special arrangement you can even "order" figure of your enemy, or a friend, or even a famous celebrity.

The most weird restaurant you have ever visited

The dish is served with a fair amount of alcohol in order to be able to "disinfect" the cutlery and surgical instruments.  In Japan, there is a whole chain of such restaurants and they appeared to be extremely popular, but in the West and America those delicious girlish bodies appeared to not fit with the people’s understanding of eating outside. Dining places with molecular gastronomy like Moto Restaurant or calm and romantic places like BED New York Restaurant are more habital for Americans and European.

We are not sure that you will also want to visit Cannibalistic Restaurant, but this dining place is truly one of the most unusual and weird we have ever heard about.

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