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Restaurant Tim Ho Wan: the cheapest prices for world-class service

Restaurant Tim Ho WanIf you are looking for one of the most creative places to eat your dinner, and at the same time you are thinking about the world-class restaurant with Michelin stars, but you do not want to spend too much money for a one person meal, then you should for sure visit Tim Ho Wan restaurant in Hong-Kong. As it is the most affordable restaurant with the Michelin star in the world.


World-famous cafe with great cuisine

This great and creative restaurant was also noted by the Michelin Guide, the most famous and influential restaurant rating. To get into a Michelin list of restaurants together with Underwater Restaurant Itha or At.mosphere Restaurant is a wild dream of the majority of the world’s most exquisite institutions with great cuisine. Moreover it is not a surprise, if we say that the tourists themselves are ready to pay for a dinner in such a place "with the Stars" quite a big load of money. Though, there are other tourists, who also want this exclusive opportunity but without such a big financial investment! Therefore pack your things; we are going to one of the most affordable Michelin-star restaurant, which is located in Hong Kong.

"Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2010" created a sensation in the world of lovers of good and quality food. And not only because it was the first restaurant guide, presented in Chinese. But the boom in year 2010 happened because the exclusive ranking list of most exclusive and expensive restaurants in the world had included the simple small cafe in Hong-Kong.

Restaurant Tim Ho Wan

Tasty meals for ridiculously low sum 

It is located in Hong Kong's Mong Kok and is an unpretentious restaurant for 20 seats only with a simple name "Tim Ho Wan”, though the actual translation into English will mean "Bringing Luck", it appears that the name worked really well! In this restaurant for a ridiculously low sum of money, which was never seen in any other "Michelin"-restaurant you will be served with osmanthus or turnip cake, or beef meat balls that will cost you 10 Hong Kong dollars (just a little more than $ 1) per serving. In Spanish Restaurant Botin or Italian Grotta Palazzese Restaurant you will not find delicious meals at such low prices.

Culinary perfection worthy of the legendary title

The specialty of this restaurant is the puff pastry filled with roasted meat - sold for HK $ 12. Among other delicious meals are the pork buns, turnip cake and eggplant with shrimp. The most expensive dish in this place is a considerable in size Pialat bursting with warmth noodles that costs 38 HKD. And this is despite the fact that the average price of a meal in the usually recommended restaurant in the Michelin guide is, according to experts, at least 400 U.S. dollars.

Though, do not be naive to believe that the culinary perfection worthy of the legendary title, appeared in a modest inn dammed in Hong-Kong for no reason. In Tim Ho Wan restaurant every detail is carefully and painstakingly scrutinized, from dish placement to service delivery. Many other good Chinese dining places with tasty meals and low prices like Carton King Creativity Park Restaurant or A380 Summer Kitchen did not get the Michelin star yet.

Everything becomes clear, when you know who is the owner and founder of the "Tim Ho Wan." His name is Mack Kwai Pui, 46 year old and he is a former director of the dish "dim sum" (a special kind of Chinese snacks), a Chinese restaurant at the upscale Hotel Four Seasons.

As you see it is not necessary to pay huge sums to have really quality food. As well you have not to buy expensive household devices to get really reliable machines. You can choose, for example, a portable iron or a personal mini fan, and get high quality small domestic appliances at the cheapest price.

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