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Ninja Akasaka Restaurant in Tokyo: unique entourage and magnificent cuisine

Ninja Akasaka Restaurant in TokyoTo attract a large number of customers to their cafes and restaurants, the owners often come up with various promotional moves and original services as well as themes around which the whole restaurant will be based. Therefore, the most popular restaurants in the world are famous because of their ‘theme’, and not really about the food, which, however, is often also quite fantastic and delicious. One example of such a great place is Ninja Restaurant located in Tokyo, in Akasaka Tokyo Plaza.



Vampire Restaurant in Tokyo: tempting feelings and tasty food

Vampire Restaurant in TokyoWhat is the geography of all the vampire stuff and stories? People usually associate them with Transylvania and the talk does not continue further. Though, it appears that there are other places that are quite close to vampires situated in the other parts of the world. Therefore next time when you think about the most vampire country, do not be so quick with your answer.



Calico Cat CafГ©: cosy restaurant with numerous pets

Calico Cat CafeCalico Cat Café is a new unusual place in the heart of Japanese capital, Tokyo, that is quite unusual by offering you to invite a cat as a companion for your meal. Do not worry if you are the cat lover or in general a great activist to protect animal rights, the cats in this cafe feel themselves just perfect! The reason for that is that they are treated as pleasant guests to every meal. 



Nyotaimori Cannibalistic Restaurant: the place which will astound you

Nyotaimori Cannibalistic RestaurantNyotaimori (translation into English language has many variations and one of which may mean “female body plate”) – is a name of a very unusual and interesting Japanese restaurant that serves sushi and sashimi. The restaurant Namoytamori prepares from all the kinds of fishery products real works of art in the form of naked female bodies.Though we warn you, this information is not for the sensitive and easily impressionable people. We are not saying that the idea of a restaurant is right or wrong, we just present you, that such a place in the world exists. 



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