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Magical Yellow Tree House Restaurant in New Zealand

Yellow Tree House Restaurant in New ZealandIf you always wanted to have a tree house in childhood, then you can still inherit your dream, though in a little different form. We invite you to take the great journey to New Zealand, the city that has a very speaking name, Oakland! The unusual restaurant that we are going to visit there is called "Yellow Tree House".


Incredible architecture of unusual wooden restaurant

Even though there are tones of different variations of the name of this restaurant (among others “Redwoods Treehouse”, “Yellow Birdhouse”, “Tree Birdhouse” and other), the real matter goes far beyond the names. This unusual restaurant is made entirely out of a special kind of wood which is extremely durable. The design of this great and creative restaurant has a width of around 10 meters and the height of at least 12 meters, the whole construction is mounted on the trunk of the forty-meter high tree. Inside the pod 30 guests at seated tables can stay. In a stand-up function the restaurant can hold 50 persons at once. Some dining places like De Kas Greenhouse Restaurant in Netherlands or Sunland Baobab Restaurant in Africa also include living trees in the interior. But in Yellow Tree House Restaurant you will certainly find the most unusual interior you have ever seen.

Officially, this fabulous restaurant tree-house made entirely out of wood was introduced to the public about two years ago when it was still in the design stage. Even at that time, when nothing was yet known, everyone was thrilled, and when the construction of the structure was completed in late 2010, people from the very beginning started to call the place as one of the most unusual and architecturally interesting restaurants in the world.

Yellow Tree House Restaurant in New Zealand

Dining place with unique decision

Magical Yellow Tree House Restaurant is totally unlike to more traditional dining places like Le Restophone Restaurant in France, Ator Restaurant in Iran or Restaurant Botin in Spain.

Unique wooden restaurant was the initial project of Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett, workers of the architectural bureau at the Pacific Environments Architects. By its form and the outer design the restaurant is a combination of cocoons and a number of specially constructed walkways that are built in the Redwood forest in a sustainable manner from the collected pine and poplar slats. Since the completion of the house on a tree, the restaurant received several awards at various competitions of architecture and design.

 Building, if it can be called as such, as actually it doesn’t follow our common definition of a building, is located at the edge of the forest, surrounded by redwoods, overlooking the open meadow and creek, therefore in addition to an unusual construction you can also get the spectacular view on the surrounding area, while enjoying your dinner. Restaurant “Yellow Tree House” is a magical integration uniqueness and architectural excellence.

Access to it is open via a long boardwalk, which also makes it accessible to wheelchairs. Now the restaurant is the property of the local land owner, who hopes to use the amazing structure of the restaurants for major open events such as weddings and parties. Right now the Yellow Tree House Restaurant isn’t open for casual restaurant dining.

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