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Sunland Baobab Restaurant: cosy dining place inside a huge tree

Sunland BaobabSunland Baobab is the most famous giant baobab tree in South Africa. This is one of the largest baobab on the continent, as the tree in the diameter is almost 33 meters and has a height of 20 meters. The tree is so large that it can fit inside a smaller-size cafe, and is now one of the most popular and picturesque attractions of the region. Besides the remarkable dimensions, the baobab is also famous for been one of the oldest trees on Earth. Well, who would not want a cup of coffee or a glass of beer inside a huge old tree?


A small restraunt inside huge baobab

Sunland Baobab is not a restaurant that has hurt the tree to place the pub inside. This special restaurant is also intriguing by this very feature as the baobab is hollow inside. Therefore do not worry that founders of this beautiful restaurant had to kill the tree for the sake of their dining institution, the nature itself allowed them to make this interesting idea work for them and has fit inside the baobab a restaurant, without any initial hurt for the three.

A small restaurant, which is even sometimes called a pub was established here in late 1933, and it has been successfully operating since that time and till now. Of course a lot has changed, now you can see new decorations, new features and new offerings in the restaurant, but the owners try to keep the place as natural as possible and not to hurt the tree itself also. It was that grateful to allow the people rest in its trunk, therefore people try to leave this place as natural and peaceful as possible.

Sunland Baobab

Peaceful rest inside one of the oldest trees on the Earth

Sunland Baobab Restaurant has much smaller floor space than majority of world-class dining places like Le Restophone Restaurant in France or BED New York Restaurant. The ceiling height is about 13 feet here, and the full area of the bar can easily accommodate 15 people at a time. Moreover, 40 adults can gather here for a party at one time.

The tree grows in a farm family van Hirdenov, family takes a great care of this tree and the natural environment around it. Their main goal is to save one of the oldest trees on the planet for future generations. Therefore if you thought about making a huge party inside a baobab for your friend you better forget about it. The whole place is very peaceful and calm. So if you look for the biggest thrill and exotic meals, you should better visit Japanese Nyotaimori Cannibalistic Restaurant or peculiar Vampire Restaurant.

Legendary baobab and aggressive tourists

The baobab restaurant is not just amazing in the since of the idea of this dining institution. The tree itself is also one of the most beautiful trees in the world. Studies have shown that Sunland baobab is already quite old, its age reaches over 6000 years and it is going to live at least another few millennia. And as it was though that there is always quite a lot of a fuss around this legendary baobab, therefore it was better to establish a peaceful place for rest and thinking about life from the very beginning, rather than to watch this great tree suffer from aggressive tourists.

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