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At.mosphere Restaurant: yacht in the sky

At.mosphereLast year in the center of the world tourism and business in the capital of United Arab Emirates, Dubai, one of the most spectacular buildings in the world was open – the skyscraper named Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai), with its 828 meters in height it became the tallest structure in the world. But, apart from this record, it involves many other achievements. For example, one of the most high-altitude restaurants in the world - At.mosphere is situated here.


Unique opportunity to feel yourself as an owner of the universe

It appears that people are very attracted to the possibility to spend a romantic evening on a high height, as this restaurant is greatly popular and is considered as one of the must-visit spots in Dubai. It is here you can taste as delicious meals as in famous spanish Restaurant Botin or fantastic Underwater Restaurant Itha in the Hilton Hotel on Maldives Islands. Even though the kitchen here is very good and based on the freshest ingredients sourced from around the world, it is not about the food. That the talk about this restaurant had gone far and far beyond the borders of the United Arab Emirates, but it is mainly the view that opens before the common visitor. In such a place every person can feel himself as an owner of the universe, of course, if you are not afraid of height! So, if you will be chanced to visit At.mosphere Restaurant, dot't forget to take your camera and a portable printer: such pictures you can not get anywhere else.

Majestic view, perfect service and total comfort for each visitor

This restaurant is located on the 122 floor of the iconic Burj Khalifa sky scraper. And this is just two floors lower than its observation deck, that is located at the very top. And, given that this observation deck is located at the height of 505 meters, it can be assumed that the level at which the At.mosphere is located is approximately 495 meters. And it is this fact that makes this restaurant the most high-altitude dining institution in the world.


At.mosphere is designed to ensure that it can serve as a time 210 guests. Moreover, they are different options available to choose from.

  • One can pick the good place in the main hall.
  • A separate room for a more romantic or serious atmosphere is also available.

 For the last one, speaking the truth, you will most probably be charged a little more. But, at the same time, you will have the most remarkable private dinner or breakfast in Your life.

Luxurious yacht in the sky

The creators of this restaurant was built and designed by the idea that At.mosphere should be a "yacht in the sky." That means that the level of comfort and service here should be the most luxurious as the most expensive super yacht in the world or in the waters of United Arab Emirates. At.mosphere Restaurant is even more populat than another splendid place in OAE - Ice Restaurant in Dubai. Of course, this restaurant cannot be categorized as a low-budget one, however, and one cannot say that it is too expensive neither. The average lunch in the middle of the day will cost you about 80 U.S. dollars per person, and dinner including wine- $ 120. If you look for restaurant with more friendly prices, chineese dining places like Restaurant Tim Ho Wan or Carton King Creativity Park Restaurant  will meet your expectations.

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