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Ice Restaurant in Dubai: unique place with icy interior

Ice Restaurant in DubaiIce restaurant that is located in the heart of Dubai is a very unusual place for such a surrounding! This restaurant-bar serves its drinks in ice glasses, offering the customers creative sitting that are made out of ice. Just like the bar stand, chairs, walls, and even dishes are made completely out of ice. They say that even though Ice restaurant in Dubai is not the only one in the world, as these kinds of ice bars one can see in Sweden, Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, Poland, Alaska and elsewhere; but Ice restaurant in Dubai is the most picturesque.



At.mosphere Restaurant: yacht in the sky

At.mosphereLast year in the center of the world tourism and business in the capital of United Arab Emirates, Dubai, one of the most spectacular buildings in the world was open – the skyscraper named Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai), with its 828 meters in height it became the tallest structure in the world. But, apart from this record, it involves many other achievements. For example, one of the most high-altitude restaurants in the world - At.mosphere is situated here.



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