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Moto Restaurant: treasures of molecular gastronomy for you

Moto restaurantMoto restaurant is not connected with cars or motorcycles, as one can first think from the name of this unusual place. Though it will be quite hard for you to understand it from the very beginning, but it is a place where your normal understanding of food is going to be completely destroyed and built out new. Now let’s try to grasp what this unusual Moto restaurant actually is.


The most  peculiar meals you have ever tasted

If you prefer traditional cuisine, great choice of meals you can find in spanish Restaurant Botin or italian Grotta Palazzese Restaurant. But if you would like to have dinner with liquid olives, that you are going to spread on the charcoal bread, sprinkle your spaghetti made from veal brains with the powder of olive oil or warm your cocktail drink with some hot ice, then be sure that the Moto restaurant is going to be a place just for you, as it is the first restaurant of "molecular gastronomy".

In the newly opened restaurant in Chicago, a kitchen looks more like a non-standard food service establishment mixed with some features of a real science lab, where you can order:

  • fried carrot with the smell of the tree;
  • strawberries with pepper;
  • chicken and dumplings with chicken au jus and pickled ramp;
  • cabbage with cocoa and many other exotic meals.

Moto restaurant

Here the chef will be talking with all the guest in a professional jargon, giving you the terms such as liquid nitrogen, ion pistol, a laser gun ... and will serve you not with a fried sturgeon with a béchamel sauce, but rather a fish in a "coating" made out of polymers, lavender sauce, edible paper with vegetable ink and carrot juice stylized like scrambled eggs, chocolate cookie with white truffles. Another great place with molecular cuisine, El Bulli Restaurant, you can find in hot and spicy Spain.

Uncommon kitchen without knives, freezers and gas sloves

The list of menu dishes is quite long, and with every single day the menu is becoming richer and richer. Today Oyster bar and BBQ Shrimp are among favorite meals of visitors. You yourself can come to the chef and propose your own vision of an unusual dish, and be quite sure that if the chef likes it, you may be able to try it in couple of days.

The restaurant's interior is no different from the usual restaurants. You will not find here such distinguished design as in mystical Vampire Restaurant in Tokyo or hospital-style Restaurant Aurum in Singapore. But in Moto Restaurant you cannot see the kitchen knives, graters and gas stoves. Instead of all the common kitchen utensils and devices there are ciliates for the injection into the products of inert gas, vacuum oven and other hard-to-understand devices. For grinding the food cooks use a laser that cuts the vegetables using molecules. The freezer is replaced by a bottle of liquid nitrogen, and many other interesting scientific innovations for gastronomy. Common kitchen utensils are as needless things in such kitchen as a portable clothes iron or a portable photo printer.

 The restaurant seats 50 guests at a time. The amazing experience and dining feelings are guaranteed. The average meal at this place may cost you about 115 or 175 dollars. Though do not be afraid, the place offers also some good wines and cocktails, if you would like to have a romantic evening with your date.

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