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BED New York Restaurant: spectacular place for romantic evening

Bed New York RestaurantA truly unusual experience from eating in bed will be provided to you in a new unusual restaurant in one of the biggest and also spectacular cities in the world, New York. If you are the lover to sleep a little more, and it is a normal form for you to eat your breakfast in bed, then you would be just happy to attend this great restaurant in New York, named in a very straight-forward way, BED New York.



Moto Restaurant: treasures of molecular gastronomy for you

Moto restaurantMoto restaurant is not connected with cars or motorcycles, as one can first think from the name of this unusual place. Though it will be quite hard for you to understand it from the very beginning, but it is a place where your normal understanding of food is going to be completely destroyed and built out new. Now let’s try to grasp what this unusual Moto restaurant actually is.



Clothing Optional Dinner: exotic restaurant for nudists

Clothing Optional DinnerClothing Optional Dinner is a restaurant for nudists, located in the heart of New York, in Manhattan. Visitors at the entrance of the restaurant will give to the cloak-room not only coats or jackets, but everything else that they have put on, staying completely nude. Well, it is not the must for all the visitors, but it is actually the preferred rule of the restaurant, as its name implies – the clothing is optional during your dinner.



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