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пїЅVilla EscuderoпїЅ Waterfall Restaurant

Villa Escudero Waterfall RestaurantOn the territory of the Philippine resort named as «Villa Escudero» one can find a very unusual and fancy restaurant. The most unusual feature of this picturesque place is that the restaurant itself is located at the foot of a waterfall. If you are the great lover of exotic food and not less exotic surroundings and you are not afraid to get wet, then this great restaurant is the best place for you to have one of the most unusual evening of your life!


Enjoy your meals inside the waterfall!

Bar and about a dozen tables are situated right in running water with the depth of about 20 cm, though at random intervals the water level suddenly rises, causing puzzled visitors catch their food floating away. The owners of this restaurant should definitely think of some additional attractions and put into the water the fish that visitors could catch for their lunch or dinner on their own, perhaps even with their bare hands though even without such a feature, the restaurant is still a great and creative dining place. It is here you will have much more fun than in more traditional dining places like Spanish Restaurant Botin or Rotating “Perlan” Restaurant in Iceland.

Villa Escudero was founded in the 1880s as a sugar cane plantation, in the early 1900s it began to grow coconuts, and in 1981 it was also opened as a resort. This place popular not only among the local population, but also around the world, as it is a great museum of Philippine culture and history in the open air, where you can see the traditional way of life, food and crafts.

Villa Escudero Waterfall Restaurant

Memorable impressions form a stunningly beautiful view

Even though people prefer to look at the falls from the side - in the case of this restaurant in front of visitors lays a stunningly beautiful view. The fact that this restaurant is located right at the foot of the waterfall attracts large number of people every day. Moreover, the audience is not looking at it from the side, but is sitting directly under it. Villa Escudero Resort Hotel is located in a rural part of Philippines and surrounded by mountains and coconut trees. Its visitors can enjoy the pleasures of almost untouched nature, the simple rural life: to visit the farm, take part in the assembly of coconuts and bamboo, ride a traditional Filipino boating, rafting and scuba diving. But all this can be tested in many other places on Earth. But for breakfast, lunch or dinner at the foot of the waterfall you can come only here!

Uncommon restaurant with simple healthy food

Visitors of the restaurant at the Villa Escudero Resort can enjoy simple meals on the banana leaf plates, soft drinks and pineapple juice.  All  food was nourished by the Filipino farmers. During the fruitful seasons the variety of food will be even greater. And, after dinner, and you can soak in the warm water in the sun at the foot of the waterfall. But if you look for culinary perfection and wide variety of meals, you should necessarily visit Restaurant Tim Ho Wan in China and fantastic “Dinner in the Sky” in Belgium.

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